In therapy means the human being as an integrated whole, in constant interaction and correlation. Thus, discomfort, body aches and conditions directly affect our mood, and also the different moods of anxiety, stress or sadness result in discomfort or physical ailments.

My aim during the therapeutic process, both individually and in groups, is to provide a welcoming space to deal with trust and respect everything that affects you and stops you in your daily activities, your life responsibly address from your place in the family system and in the world and to release the fears, depressions, anxieties that may not belong to you. Catching and healing forces of your family system and to live life fully.

The aim of psychotherapy is to:

  • Improve symptoms that interfere with your daily life and begin to understand.
  • Provide you with tools to meet your own resources and maximize
  • Take advantage of conflict, discomfort and painful situations, allowing you to achieve the goals you set.


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