Hol-Conscious Breathing and relaxation techniques · lotròpica

Hol-Conscious Breathing and relaxation techniques · lotròpica

Conscious breathing is an effective business tool that allows the person to unlock emotional states that are in conflict and be aware of what their needs are as complete.

The most beneficial and easiest way to experience the breath is doing or connected breathing Circular. This method of breathing and fluid continuously for 25 - 40 minutes.

The inspiration is linked to the end, retaining the air in the same way the end is linked to inspiration, not jerky. To create a circular movement of the breath and body energy.

You can make different types of breathing, depending on the target agreed between therapist and patient. On the one hand, you can do circular breathing through the nose. This is tendènia to be calmer, focused and connects us with the upper body as the heart, throat and head). Moreover, it can make breathing through the mouth. This connects us to the lower parts of the body.

Using circular breathing person, a natural and comfortable way from the absolute presence can access different fields and relive old memories consciens to help you understand certain difficulties in their moment.

This method is also associated with other techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, rhythmic breathing, alternate breathing, etc.. Integrated manner that will provide a state of relaxation and release physical, mental and emotional.