Psychology of adult

Psychology of adult

During adulthood there may be difficulties that require attention and / or surgery.

Personal relationships, family, work, school, the economy ... are areas of life that require an adaptation to the changes entail. For this reason may appear emotional and physical overload may develop different moods and tensionals: depression, anxiety, apathy, lack of motivation, aggression, and bodily discomfort.

Since these states can have a sense of vulnerability, where the situation is beyond us and it is difficult to cope. It can be easy, therefore, fall into a sense of helplessness and disorientation that prevents us from finding meaning in life.

This therapeutic space hosts these difficulties by offering a personalized accompaniment to the patient and bringing light to the problems without judging or stigmas. Simply showing and reminding the resources it has to transform obstacles into challenges from personal freedom and awareness.

The process of psychotherapy begins in an initial interview to explore the problem and give an initial treatment planning. From here you agree to the frequency of sessions according to each individual and the needs of the moment, taking as a starting point, improving the quality of life.